About Us

We are a small business focused on meeting the needs for outdoor enthusiasts.

Mike Chaney started this business in 2023 upon seeking a career change and a role that could leverage his passion for the outdoors and adventure racing. Building upon years of experience in running, cycling, triathlon, adventure racing, and event organization, he has turned his passion into his job. Thus, Adventure Source began.

Adventure Source serves as a place where racers and outdoorsy folk can find products that have been proven in the most difficult of circumstances - the non-stop rigors of adventure and expedition racing. We rely upon the adventure racing community to recommend gear that has served them (or us!) well and provide a central location from which to acquire these products. The items we can stock we will. Otherwise, we'll provide a handy link to other platforms where those products can be obtained.

Adventure Source also provides race support for other Adventure Race Directors. Volunteers are not always immediately available and there are some things that require the knowledge or expertise of an adventure racing veteran. For those case, Adventure Source can provide the support you need to ensure your event goes off without a hitch. This support may include course setting, course pickup, logistics planning, transition area setup and management, overnight gear watch, or anything in-between.

Please reach out and let us know how we can be of assistance!